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English has long been considered the dominant language for International business, politics, culture, entertainment, transport and tourism. The impact of technology upon our daily lives (email, Internet and social media) has further reinforced its authority and secured the status of English as a truly global language.

Today, the ability to communicate effectively in English is an essential requirement for everyone: a must-have rather than an option.  

Native English provides expert English language services throughout the Benelux region for both private individuals and corporate clients. We are rapidly gaining renown for our professional, creative, fun and interactive approach to teaching: ours is a constructive learning atmosphere, with its focus placed firmly upon learner involvement and development.

We teach business English and general English to adults, teenagers and young learners. Lessons are offered on a one-to-one or group basis and take place at an individual’s home or office. Our pedagogical approach ensures learners gain the maximum benefit of a “full-immersion” experience i.e. lessons are conducted entirely in English, by a native speaker.

Additional services include, but are not limited to, proofreading and editing of application forms, legal, technical, commercial or academic documents. We scrupulously inspect such work for typographical mistakes in grammar, style and spelling. Clients typically include businesses wishing to review an English contract or an advertising campaign message; individuals preparing a visa application, or University students concerned with the exactitude of their dissertations.  


Language lessons:
We promote a student-centred approach and an enthusiastic, interactive teaching style that encourages communication through active learner-participation. We follow the CEFR framework and provide English language lessons to all types of learners, whether absolute beginners or those requiring more advanced English language skills. Through careful evaluation we determine learners’ language proficiency levels and design a course of lessons that meet their objectives. Our lessons are grounded in the core principles of speaking, listening, reading and writing and are thoroughly prepared in advance, based on learner aims and outcomes. We utilise appropriate course material and activities from notable publishers including Oxford and Cambridge University Press.

Should time be a pressing issue we offer an intensive ‘crash-course’ tailored specifically to learner objectives: results are achieved within the shortest possible time, without compromising quality.

A solution for learners with unpredictable schedules or those who may wish to conduct their studies from afar is an online lesson. This method, whilst lacking in some of the interactive contact of a classroom environment, nevertheless offers learners the prospect of following customised tuition.

We also accommodate learners who require comprehensive instruction in preparation for professional English language tests such as TOEFL, TOEIC or IELTS.

Young Learners: Children have a great affinity for languages and will readily absorb and retain information. Introducing your child early on to an English language education ensures they will be better prepared for future study, employment and travel opportunities. Lesson activities include drawing, storytelling and music.
Students/Teenagers: Although you will have encountered English through a variety of forms including technology, entertainment, literature and the arts it is nonetheless vital to refine your language skills in order to fully maximise your University and/or career prospects. We offer private tuition to supplement your schoolwork and provide welcome revision exercises at exam time. Our high-quality tuition ensures you will become increasingly competent and proficient in the use of the English language.

Adults: One is never too old to learn – as one of our Octogenarian students recently remarked. There are a host of reasons why adults learn the English language: culture, family, travel, socialising, education or simply advancement. Whatever your personal reasons for wanting to learn or develop English as an additional language, we will produce a tailor-made course that produces results from the very first lesson.

Academic/Business Professionals: Cultivating your English language proficiency to the point of mastery will reap benefits when writing business proposals, leading negotiations, conducting interviews, drafting contracts, attending International conferences or researching/peer-reviewing academic papers. Whatever your motives, our business English program includes role-plays and authentic material designed to maximise communication, thus giving you a distinct advantage in the workplace.


Fees for our services are detailed below. An additional sum of Euros €0.30 /km is charged to cover travel expenses for return journeys above 20km. 











Richard Lewis is a certified English language teacher (Cambridge University CELTA) whose clients include private individuals, language schools and small businesses/large corporations.
Richard holds memberships with the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL) and the Belgian English Language Teacher’s Association (BELTA). He is a Fellow of both the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) and the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).
Richard gained double Master’s Degrees at the UK’s triple-accredited Open University Business School and possesses more than two decades’ International business experience. In the context of English language tuition, he is particularly well-placed to provide training in business English for oral and written communications, presentations, meetings, interviews and negotiations. Additionally, he offers a wealth of specific management expertise within the fields of strategic HR, talent and leadership.